The SMARTea Tonic is a high potency herbal tea with 13 carefully chosen ingredients that repair, protect and optimise the brain and nervous system.


The SMARTea Tonic ingredients have been used for thousands of years to enhance brain health and mental performance in traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They were also used to balance the emotions, calm the mind, and protect the brain from age related degeneration. And modern science is slowly supporting more and more of these claims.


Drinking the SMARTea Tonic induces a calm and clear mind, and enhances focus, memory, learning ability, and creativity, including under stressful conditions.


Whether its an increase in peace or productivity you want, the SMARTea Tonic delivers - and all while nourishing your body and supporting it's natural systems.

SMARTea Tonic herbal tea (20 x tea bags)

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  • - Blue Pea Flower (Clitoria ternatea)

    - Intellect Tree Seeds (Celastrus paniculatus)

    - Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

    - Polygala Root (Polygala tenuifolia)

    - Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus)

    - Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)

    - Bramhi (Bacopa monnieri)

    - Ginkgo Leaves (Ginkgo biloba)

    - Maritime Pine Bark (Pinus pinaster)

    - Magnolia Berry (Schisandra chinensis)

    - Oat Straw (Avena sativa)

    - Chinese Club Moss (Huperzia serrata)

    - Wild Blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus)