Royal Wauter is a colloidal gold tincture that increases energy, mental performance, strengthens the joints, supports immunity, and even enhances the effects of other natural supplements it is taken with, such as our herbal teas.


At 200 parts per million, Royal Wauter is among the richest colloidal gold products available, and it's ruby red hue is a hallmark of its pertinent particle size.


Gold has been consumed therapeutically for centuries, and still today it is used medicinally to treat a number of diseases.


Consuming gold has been long believed in certain cultures to protect against negative energy, black magic, and malevolent planetary alignments, while increasing one's own spiritual strength, power of will, and good fortune.



Gold does not react chemically in the human body and is deemed safe to consume for all.


Royal Wauter colloidal gold tincture (200ppm)

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  • Apply 1/4 dropper under your tongue and swallow. This is most effective in the morning before your first meal. You can increase this to 1/2 dropper after two weeks of consistent use.

    Take immediately before or after drinking our herbal tea's or other natural supplements to enhance their effects.

    Exceeding the suggest dose above is not harmful, but it does not neccessarily increase the benefits.