The not-so-obvious-but-extremely-important benefits of daily push ups & pull ups...

"Millennial men are significantly weaker than their fathers."

The Telegraph published this bold statement following a study showing people today have a weaker grip strength than their predecessors. This is more serious than you think, since grip strength is a strong predictor of overall muscular strength and health - even heart disease.

But it's not just here modern humans are falling short. Lung capacity, bone strength, foot strength, and overall mobility in the average person are all in decline.

Researchers have found grip strength to be a strong predictor of overall muscular strength and health - even heart disease, while lung capacity is a lesser known indicator of overall health and longevity.

There are a number of factors behind this - shorter work days, technology and automation, nutrient deficiencies, and of course, the hours spent scrolling, swiping and typing every day.

The fact that kids today can't climb things, jump in lakes, or do anything remotely 'unsafe' plays a big part too. These things have been key to our development since our very beginning.

We're not here to point and blame though. That is not the way of the Ronin. The way of the Ronin is finding personal solutions to worldly problems. And that solution is daily push ups and pull ups.

Daily push ups and pull ups will improve your grip strength, help increase your lung capacity, strengthen your bones, and improve your overall mobility. Side effects will include elevated mood, boosted mental function, improved digestion and heart health, strengthened immunity, boosted confidence, and more.

And you really don't need to kill yourself doing them either. This goes against the teachings of every fitness influencer on earth, but just watch this clip below from @mindpumpmedia.

The training style discussed above might seem like a modern take on working out, but it is actually a return to more traditional way of exercising, where the body was the equipment and no days off was more than just an enthusiastic catchphrase. And it wasn't based on quick and easy muscle size, but all-round long term muscle function and quality.

Ronin Supplies owner doing pull ups

Combine that with the nourishing, energising and invigorating effects of the Dragon Elixir, you have the formula to stop and reverse your own personal inheritance of 'species weakening'.

Throw in a bottle of water and side of fresh veg with your meals, stretching, and occasional deep breathing exercises, you'll start tapping into your true form..

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