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Updated: Jun 21

And it only takes about 10-15 minutes.

Low testosterone in men is the real pandemic, and its the reason male infertility and erectile dysfunction are on the rise (no pun intended).

Chronic health problems caused by poor lifestyle choices are the primary causes, and the symptoms of low testosterone include:

- Depression

- Apathy

- Fatigue

- Impaired mental function (memory, problem solving, reasoning, etc.)

- Laziness

- Muscle loss/inability to efficiently build muscle

- Low bone mineral density

- Reduced libido

- Low sperm count/quality

- Increased risk of many diseases (heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.)

But "icing your balls" might be the powerful solution many of us have missed.

Let me explain.

The testicles hang outside of the body for a very important reason - sperm and testosterone can only be produced properly at a temperature lower than your internal body heat (around 2°C less).

But this natural regulation is being compromised by things like having your laptop on your lap, prolonged sitting, tight clothing and underwear, and hot work environments.

And that's where this practice comes in. You simply grab an ice pack or freezer block, make sure you're wearing underwear, and apply the ice to your underwear where your testicles hang for 10-15 minutes. Do this before sex, before exercise and before bed.

Icing your balls has been shown to:

- Increase sperm count

- Increase sperm mobility

- Increase sperm quality/viability

- Support testosterone production

- Help treat epididymitis

Many have gone on to report a wide range of additional benefits, but they haven't yet been confirmed in studies. A few the most frequently mentioned are:

- Increased sex drive

- Clearer and sharper thinking

- More solid erections

Many of the above benefits will be familiar to those in the know about ice baths, but this practice is far more convenient, and comfortable.

Keep in mind, despite being unbelievably effective, it is highly unlikely that this solution will override the negative impact of poor lifestyle choices forever...

But this practice combined with the Dragon Elixir...


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