Fruits you've never heard of

Many fruits that were once considered rare and exotic treat are now a fixture in British fruit aisles.

The goalposts have been moved, and it is our pleasure and duty to introduce you to a new variety of exotic fruits. And with so many to choose from, we've selected the most outlandish ones to really give you an idea on how amazing and diverse nature is.

Muffin Fruit

Okay so it's not exactly called a muffin fruit. But just look at it. This is the fruit from the La La Palm (Hyphaene coriacea), a coconut relative native to Eastern Africa. It is said to taste like a sweet date flavoured bran muffin, and even has a hard bread like texture.

Oatmeal Cookie fruit

Alright no more fake names. It's actually the fruit of the West Indian Elm (Guazuma ulmifolia),commonly known as Donkey Corn in Jamaica. The fruit is more like a small pine cone which you chew on, and it supposedly tastes just like oatmeal cookie. In the Caribbean, a beverage of the crushed seeds soaked in water is used to treat gut and respiratory issues, and as a diuretic and astringent.

Ice Cream Bean

This one isn't made up. The ice cream bean (Inga edulis, Inga feuillei, Inga ???) grows across the tropical regions of South America. The pods contain a number of large black seeds covered in white pulp, somewhat similar to cacao pods. It's the sweet flavour of the spongy white pulp that resembles vanilla ice cream, and what earnt this rare fruit its name.

Peanut Butter Fruit

Another South American fruit (Bunchosia argentea), this one being related to the acerola cherry. It is said to closely resemble smooth peanut butter in both taste and texture. The taste is also described as being sweet and berry-like, making it more reminiscent of peanut butter and jelly (or jam to us Brits). Imagine this made into a jam!

There are 2000 known fruit species out there, and no doubt countless others yet to be found. If you'd like to see more of them, check out Weird Explorer on YouTube.

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