Are cheating vegans a natural phenomena?

Before we get into this, check out this video clip below.

But as strange as this behaviour might seem, this horse isn't an anomaly. The internet is full of video evidence of herbivores in the wild chowing down on an unsuspecting bird or rodent.

But why? Let's explore:

Cold Weather

Herbivorous animals like rabbits and deer have been observed supplementing meat through scavenging and even catching small animal prey during sub-zero temperatures.

Food scarcity

Hippos have been observed chowing down on zebra when their preferred foods are scarce. Even those so called 'strict' vegan elephants have been seen plucking Weaver Bird nests full of chicks and eggs from trees like fruits and eating them.


Stressed herbivores like sloths have been observed eating their young, though how often this happens outside of captivity is another question.

A display of dominance

As far as we know, this behaviour is pretty much exclusive t