"It was the cleanest power I'd ever felt, like nothing I've had before"

Here at Ronin Supplies, we rely on real feedback from real customers to put a good word for us.

Like Michael Hailu, he's been using our products for over a year now.

"I was feeling let down by the products that promised energy - they were either far too high in caffeine and caused me bad side effects like the jitters, or the effects didn't last long enough and it created a dependency on the product."

Michael is a 33 year old Business Analyst from London. To keep active and healthy, Michael does a mixture of weight training and callisthenics.

"I spent a lot of time reading the information on the website. What interested me was the combined effect of the herbs used in the Dragon Elixir."

"It took a couple of days for me to fully feel the effects of the Dragon Elixir, but when I did feel it, it was the cleanest power I've ever felt. It was like I could feel it on a cellular level. It was like nothing I've had before, and it allowed me to completely dump caffeine."

The Dragon Elixir is indeed caffeine free, and contains virtually zero natural sugars. But it is incredibly rich in essential micronutrients, and numerous powerful bioactive compounds that can only be found in the particular plants we use.

"My endurance and physical strength increased, and I was able to run further and lift heavier in the same session. Previously I had to split cardio and weight training into separate sessions."

"I found that the Dragon Elixir increased my mental endurance too. Now I'm waking up earlier, working solidly throughout the day, and not feeling wiped out after the day is done. The energy is fantastic."

"There were times where the effects of the Dragon Elixir were maybe even too strong, as on the odd occasion it would take me a while to fall asleep. But I find the SMARTea Tonic to be the perfect antidote for that, as it helps me slip into a meditative state followed by deep sleep right when I need it, and I wake up feeling completely refreshed."

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing Michael's experience. It is a testimony to the effectiveness of natural supplements in the modern world, corroborating the accounts of ancie