5 proven ways to significantly improve your health and strength for FREE

Best of all, you'll see and certainly feel the benefits within 30 days.

These 5 practices are so simple it's easy to doubt them. But you'd be doing yourself a serious injustice, as adding them to your regime will make you look and feel younger and brighter fairly quickly, and add years (decades even) of good health onto your life, even helping you dodge the chronic diseases that most people in the UK eventually succumb to.


Taking slow, deep, rhythmic breaths for even just 15 minutes a day has a significant positive impact on your health.

Aside from relaxing the nervous system, it dissipates feelings like anxiety, depression, anger and confusion, while promoting comfort, relaxation, pleasantness, vigour and alertness.

The knock on effect of better managing your stress with deep breathing is lowering your risk of heart disease, dementia, gastrointestinal problems and more.


Being 'a little' dehydrated constantly is a common cause for frequent headaches, bellyaches, and those random pains in the joints. It's also a big factor in why so many people catch cold's and flu's every season. And it ages you. What's a grape without water?

Just 1.5-2L a day improves your energy, physical strength, and mental performance in daily tasks. Other benefits include brighter eyes and clearer skin, better oral health, and the alleviation of headaches, joint pains and stomach upsets.


Not getting enough sleep is a big reason why many are not performing at their peak mental performance. Studies show it contributes to a weakened immune system, premature aging, and making you more prone to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

You don't need supplements for a good night sleep either, it's all in your routine.

Avoid looking at any device screens for the last hour before bed. Do some deep breathing in that hour. Swap the screen time for a book before bed. Add a glass of warm water to further relax your nerves. And make your 7-8 hours of sleep per day the foundation your routine is formed around.


There is no escaping it, humans are designed to move. Our biology demands it.

Movement is actually the 'pump' to keep your lymphatic system (an integral part of your immune system) working since it is not automated like the with your circulatory and respiratory systems.

It doesn't have to be intense exercise. Just a few push ups and pull ups here and there throughout your day is a great start. Throw in some daily stretching and a couple of runs a week, you'll feel the upgrade in your body and mind easily within 30 days.

More alertness, better mental performance, stable emotions, lower risk of chronic and infectious diseases, more confidence, longer lifespan, are you sold yet?


Processed foods, fizzy drinks - and the mentality that let's them slide so often, cut it all out.

Just by enduring the pains of keeping away from delicious things, you'll significantly increase your mental strength and emotional stability.

And by having the discipline to consume these things on occasions as treats, you'll significantly improve your energy levels, alleviate any subtle aches and pains, and massively reduce your risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

We clearly understand the value of good supplements, and the role they play in treating and reversing disease.

But the 5 practices above set the foundations for good health, and implementing them are guaranteed to give you a short and long term increase in all parameters of health, along with physical and mental performance.

And if you still wanted more, our herbal elixirs and tonics would be the perfect choice for pushing your best to new levels.

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