Frequently asked questions


What does bioavailability mean?

Bioavailability is the absorption of active substances by the body. They pass through the intestinal wall and enter the targeted areas of the body through the bloodstream. Laboratory research shows that the absorption by the body of the ingredients in Precover is up to 52 times higher compared to non-encapsulated ingredients.

How does the Hangover prevention formula work?

To understand how the formula works it’s important to understand what causes a hangover. Most common reasons for a hangover and its symptoms to form are:
Dehydration Caused by urinating more often. The body/brains dry out, this increases the symptoms of a hangover.
Degradants Alcohol (ethanol) gets broken down in the liver and forms the highly toxic Acetaldehyde. This substance is responsible for causing the headaches and shakiness.
Congeners Alcoholic products do not only contain alcohol, there are also many (often) harmful by-products to be found in the various drinks. These are the so-called 'congeners'. Some congeners have toxic properties. These arise as impurity during fermentation. They are responsible for the smell, color and taste of the drink. These are not responsible for the hangover on their own but have an influence on the severity of the hangover.
Stomach Alcohol stimulates the production of heartburn and slows the emptying of the stomach. This causes abdominal pain, nausea and regular vomiting.
Blood sugar level Aalcohol lowers blood sugar levels. This makes you feel tired, weak, shaky, grumpy and worst-case scenario it can even cause seizures.
Each ingredient inside the formula has been carefully selected because of their properties in preventing the forming of a hangover, as well as cooperating together to increase their individual working. Using the formula before drinking will allow the ingredients to spread throughout the body and assist there where they are required the most.
For example, Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is capable of breaking down acetaldehyde in the body way faster than our body can do on its own. CBD has a pain-relieving effect. Bacopa will aid in all mental and brain related damage sustained from alcohol. NAC also helps breaking down acetaldehyde and protects the liver and nervous system from alcohols toxicity. The vitamins are essential in daily supplementation but also serve in detoxicating the liver and protecting it.
Using the formula after drinking greatly decreases its effect because by then the damage has already been done. We recommend using the Hangover prevention formula roughly 1 hour before drinking by mixing it with any drink of choice.

What does micro-encapsulation mean?

Encapsulation is a process in which small particles of core products are packaged in a matrix to form microcapsules. The Precover Hangover prevention formula is microencapsulated in 100% natural pea proteins. All active substances are encased in a matrix that not only protects against adverse environmental factors and potentially dangerous processes, but preserves healthy cannabinoids and all other active substances in the product for optimal effect.

What is the composition of the formula?

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Where can i find additional studies done on the ingredients?

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Where is the formula being produced?

The most important part of our production is the micro-encapsulation of the ingredients. This is a delicate process which is done on laboraty grade. After the encapsulation process the powder is being transported to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands near Rotterdam the powder gets processed into it's original packaging ready to be shipped accross the world.

What is the shelf life?

You can save the Hangover prevention formula safely for at least 24 months.


What dose should i take?

Each sachet contains one dose to prevent a hangover. We strongly advice to not exceed 2 doses each day.

What is the difference between using this product before or after drinking?

We believe in prevention of recovery. If you were to take the product after drinking, the alcohol has already caused to much damage for the formula to repair. By taking the formula one hour before drinking, the ingredients will have enough time to spread throughout the body to assist the body preventing damage otherwise caused by alcohol or byproducts of alcohol.

What drinks can i use to mix the powder?

The cool thing about our formula is that you can basically use any drink you prefer to mix us with. So enjoy our benefits with your preferred flavour. We recommend you to use a drink containing 200 ml or more. Please note that we don't advice using a drink with a higher density like thick juices and yoghurt drinks. It will be more difficult for the formula to dissolve here.

When should i use the formula?

To achieve it's optimal effect, we recommend you to use the formula one hour before drinking any alcohol. By doing this the formula can spread throughout your body. After an hour, when you start to drink alcohol the preventing and repairing has already begun in your body. Our formula is developped and created to prevent a hangover, not to cure and remove it afterwards. Please use our formula before drinking.