About Us

We first began experimenting with herbs in 2016, after getting fed up of the side effects that would accompany even the top rated gym supplements and pre-workouts. Back then it was for personal use only.

We noticed a lot of our favourite pre workouts were chemical based. But humans have always needed energy, enduring strength, and a way of quickening their recovery from physical strain, perhaps even more so back then.

"What were the athletes of the Old World consuming to support strength and physical performance? And the martial artists, the farmers, gladiators, soldiers, and conquerors. How did they protect their bones and joints, and enhance recovery from strain and injury?" - these were the types of questions we started seeking answers to.

And after years of study, trial and error, the then nameless 'Dragon Elixir' was born.

The studying continued as further questions were raised; "what were they using back then to boost immunity?", "what did they use to hone the mind? Perhaps even to expand and enhance it."

We realised many of the most ancient herbs used to nourish and strengthen the body and mind are still used today in modern medicines and supplements, and often for the exact same purposes they were used thousands of years ago. However, it would be a chemical isolated and extracted from the plant they'd use, or a synthesised version of the plant's therapeutic compounds.


But we know raw, wild and natural is best, and the science supports it. This is why we put the ingredients on the front and centre of our products.

And so, through Ronin Supplies we strive to reacquaint you with nature's most powerful treasures.


Our wish is to help restore the world to a higher state of health, strength, and well being, by putting the power to achieve it right in your tea cup.